Monday, February 3, 2014

Our Weekend

Happy Monday everyone!
I'm feeling a bit off my game this morning. 
Maybe too much cheese dip, or not enough sleep.
Whatever the case, I'm feelin' funky!
Speaking of games, we had a great time at the CofC Homecoming on Saturday!
My company sponsors the team,
and so we enjoyed VIP tickets and access to the Hospitality suite. 
Very fun.  K caught one of the tshirts they threw into the crowd...
After the game we walked around the corner to "Mynt" which was an interesting spot.
The walls were adorned with neon celebrity photographs.
What up, JT? 
 Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous out, so we took Alf to the park.
What's a better sign of a good weekend than a dirty dog?
And finally last night, I just ate too much.  That's all there is to it.
I did want to share my reccomendation of these sassy sweeties:
Ok, I am going to charge through this day so I can get home and lie down.
Have a good one. 

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