Thursday, January 2, 2014

what i gave myself for christmas

Announcement: As of today I have not worked out in two weeks.
I made the decision to give myself that gift for this Holiday season.
Even though I usually only work out for an hour a day, a lot of planning and effort goes into it.
So to allow myself this freedom has been, well, freeing. I haven't taken more than 4 days off in 2 years, so I didn't feel guilty for a minute. If fact, I enjoyed it!
But, as it feels with everything else today, it's back to reality!
2014 is obviously going to be a huge year for me, so I'm ready to get back into the fitness groove.
In the same light of resolutions, I have a few fitness goals for myself this year.
K gave me a month of Barre Evolution for my Birthday...

I am planning to use it in February or March and go 5 times a week.  Gotta get my money's worth!
And I can't wait to see the changes I'll make.  I am looking forward to this challenge.
I am also planning on participating in some sort of HIIT program.  I have tried out the GRIT program at Gold's, but I would also like to see what else is out there. 
Has anyone been to Crescent Fitness on JI?
Additionally, I would like to run a 10K this year.  I am thinking I will do the James Island Connector Run (11.1.14)

 I never realized how much more free time I would have if I stopped working out.    
These past two weeks have made me realize that fitness isn't something that I schedule around my life, it is part of my life. 
Without it, something is missing.
I took this picture after an especially intense Body Combat class. 
I was just really in the zone and when I left, I felt beautiful.   
I've said it before, but that is why I work out.
Not to be skinny or sculpted, but to feel beautiful
I hope everyone finds something in life that gives them this satisfaction.

So it's back to the gym for me, how are you kicking off the new year?

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