Monday, February 24, 2014

Simply the Best

In Charleston it's so very hard to resist going out to eat.
We are spoiled here in so many ways, and the incredible culinary scene is the proverbial cherry on top of calling this city home.
It occured to me a while back (I think it was around the time of this post) that K and I were falling into tourist traps, trying to keep up and try out all of the new spots. There is literally a new restaraunt opening every week and it sucks you in! Since realizing this I have made an effort to avoid "keeping up" and limit eating out. This has helped with choosing the tried and true, and not trends.
I can say "Been there, Done that" to a list of Charleston favorites, and I'm telling you this is my favorite appetizer of all. I AM NOT KIDDING.  
Now, we ate dinner at Amen Street once and were very underwhelmed.  The only saving grace was this appetizer. IT IS SO GOOD.
One of our favorite Sunday outings is a glass on wine at their bar (they have wine on tap!), and this snack.
Please try this, YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT.
I'm using capital letters, this is serious.

 Okay, you see Crispy Calamari Steak Slices?
And you're thinking Calamari?  Really?  Salty, fried, not interested.
Read the smaller text.
"topped with lemon aioli and a saute of corn, tomato, green onions, and bacon"
Order it,
and soon you'll understand. 
Pictures don't do it justice, because you can't taste it!
If you can't figure out what you want, and don't want to break the bank, this is it.
It's hard to resist going out in Charleston and then deciding where, that's why you need to know that this is...
Simply the Best.

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