Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lakeview at Fontana

Today marks the first day of summer... but Fall is on my mind right now.

This October I've booked (and already paid for!) a mountain retreat for me and my man.

I saw this place in my Southern Living last Fall, and was so thrilled by the reasonable prices, the quaint appearance, and the pet friendly suites! So, while the temp rises here in Charleston, I'm thinking about crisp mountain air and driving the Blueridge Parkway in Autumn. I also can't wait to find one of those old timey, saloon style photo sets for me and K to goof off in.

While I can't give you a first hand reccomendation yet, I can say I am so excited to visit this little mountain resort!

Do y'all have any vacations planned for later in the year?

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