Wednesday, June 22, 2011

All About Alfie

Good Morning! I want to introduce you guys to my chunkamonk, my Alfie.

This sweet boy came to be with me early last year from the Charleston SPCA.

When we met it was a true love connection and it's only been uphill from there, with exception to what we now call "the hambone incident".

Anyway, Alfie deserves his own blog because he is a special creature, filled with more happiness and love than any other animal I've met. I did meet a white parakeet once that was oddly affectionate but still Alfie=it.

I love all animals, except snakes that aren't in cages. But I love my Alfie boy the most.

Tell me about your pet!

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  1. Well...I have a wonderfully spoiled husky, Zigs. He is the love of my life, next to my husband :) Ziggy has been slightly temperamental lately due to our new addition, baby Zoe! We aren't sure what she is but I like to call her my little black bear cub. Life just wouldn't work without those two! Cheers to the Alfanator!!!


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