Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Charleston Valentine's Day Ideas!

Love is in the air...
Or maybe just germs. Because I am coming down with something y'all!  
Regardless, the day of love is upon us and I'm nothing if not a true romantic.
That being said, K and I have never celebrated Valentine's Day.
I think it has something to do with the fact that our first year together it fell on a Wednesday when K had to work late, so he picked up Chic Fil A and we ate on the couch.
But I so much enjoy hearing about what all you love birds have going on.
I've heard a few fun ideas that I thought I'd share if any Chas locals are still looking to celebrate your L-O-V-E.
Ok, this one I heard from a coworker and I think it sounds fun.
I wrote about Wild Blue Ropes before, and for Valentine's they are offering a "Date Night Climb and Bonfire."  What do you think?
This has to be my favorite of the options I'm posting.
  I am pretty loyal to the Wentworth Mansion for my massages here in town but I have never been to the Charleston Place Spa.  The savings is about $50 and it includes champs. Win win.
Ok, if I were a single Charlestonian I believe that the Baystreet Biergarten would be my spot.  I just think it is one of the coolest mingle friendly bars around town.  
Their "Bitterness Bash" sounds like a fun Friday night!
This one had me cracking up!  I received an email from the Charleston Riverdog's offering Valentine's Day packages.  Considering it's not Baseball season, they got pretty creative with the gift of tickets to future games hand delivered by Charlie the Riverdog. Omg yes! ;)
I think that this idea would be infinitely more successful if Bill Murray were to hand deliver.

This one isn't unique, but it's just a recommendation for anyone looking to have a simple romantic dinner. 
Fulton Five is my favorite restaurant for date night, hands down.
And for those staying in, Caviar and Bananas is offering Valentine's Day deliveries!
A little gourmet goes a long way...
Last one...Who doesn't want to be serenaded by the Charleston Barbershop Chorus!
While some may find this mortifying, I would love it!

So those are my picks for Valentine's Day in the Lowcountry.
What are you planning this weekend?

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  1. Umm, yes, if Bill Murray was hand delivering things, I would def want that too! LOL Meg over at myborrowedheaven.com is going with her hubs to that rope course for V-Day! We don't really do anything for Vday either. My husband works this year so I'll be hanging w/ my kids! Have a great day!


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