Thursday, April 3, 2014

High Hopes Course

I had high hopes for new development near my house.
I posted about a Sunday Stroll when K and I saw this sign near our Condo.
It was promising for both our walkable entertainment as well as our property value.
A few weeks ago we noticed activity on some of the property.
Now I, not knowing much about structures or foundations, figured it could be the beginnings of a building.
 K, being the master of all random knowledge that he is, said its a ropes course.
 I laughed and bet him $50.
Then they added platforms.
 And the actual ropes.
And I lost 50 bucks.
But really, who'd have thought??
I'm still dreaming of coffee houses, consignment boutiques, wine shops...
My high hopes have turned into high ropes.

***These pictures are from Wild Blue Ropes Facebook page***

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