Friday, February 27, 2015

Hey Hey Friday!

Hello out there!
Cheers to the freakin' weekend!
Actually, I have to work tomorrow, but regardless...
What's on my mind today?


Well, my man is jetting up to Atlantic City for a Bachelor Party so I've got the house to myself this weekend.  This morning, as he was organizing his flight and hotel confirmations,  it got me thinking about doing a vacation post.
Months ago I mentioned the possibility of a spring vacation to the Amalfi Coast.  This is my dream vacation and I'm determined to eventually make it there, however our priorities right now do not fall in line with such an expensive trip. 

We are, however, planning on going somewhere for a one year anniversary trip.

We've mused Caribbean (from my research Aruba or the DR seem reasonable cost-wise), but I'm really looking for a cultural experience beyond tiki drinks and white sand.
Another trip we've dreamed about at length, Napa Valley.
I could see this trip appearing budget friendly at first, and then becoming astronomical with incidentals.  
I have a binder of random magazine clippings of destinations I've found interesting over the years.
Last night I was looking through and noticed an article from a 2009 Everyday with Rachel Ray on Budget Travel.  It gave alternate destinations to expensive trips.
The particular page I had saved was regarding Italy,
and suggested an alternate of a city in Central Mexico,
San Miguel de Allende.
And now I'm kind of obsessed with planning our (imaginary?) trip there.
This is certain to be much more reasonable than my Italian dream, however we will be house hunting this fall and nothing can really be planned until we are closer to reaching that goal.
But, I mean...Humor me for a minute.

Have a great weekend!

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