Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Our Charleston Wedding: The Reception

It's a bittersweet Tuesday...
I'm at the end of my Wedding Photo posts.
These photos pick up at the South Carolina Society Hall for Cocktail Hour...
Enjoy, and Thank you for joining me in remembering my fairytale day!

I like that this picture captures the magnolia leaves on the mantle.  
This was in the "bar room":

K and I's first dance was to "That's Where It's At" by Sam Cooke.  
Do yourself a favor and Youtube it.

My dad and I danced to Will Hoge's "Baby Girl".  
I've known this would be our song since I was in highschool.  
At one point my dad asked if I wanted to spin, which I imagined referred to a simple twirl.  Next thing I know, we are Jack and Rose in Titanic.  You know the scene.
Also, mid-way through the song, we invited all fathers and daughters to join in, which I really loved!
My Uncle Ralph gave the blessing.
During the dinner hour I got caught up in a duet of Summer Lovin' from Grease with my brother.  
We thought we looked so cool but later watched a video and My gosh if we aren't the 2 biggest dorks in the world.  
From there we played Beach Music for an hour or so.

The sweetest:
Eric Grady, our Charicature Artist, was awesome!!
Time for the toasts!
My matron of honor and brother gave toasts:

Gracious I loved our cake!  We chose a different flavor for each tier.
I can NOT wait for 11.22 to dig into the frozen top layer!!

After the cake cutting my brother and I "kicked off" the dance party by breaking it down to "Turn Down For What".  We love to freestyle and have always had so much fun dancing together.

"And They Lived Happily Ever After..."

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  1. I found you via a Google search and I am getting married there November this year! I must have seen the space right after your wedding because Skip left the magnolia leaves on the mantle - he loved them! You also must have made it right in time, because he no longer allows sparklers for exit (someone lit one inside!) Thank you for sharing, and I would love to see more pictures if you have them!

    Thanks, and congrats!

    1. Congratulations to you! I can't believe that someone lit a sparkler inside! What is your headcount? LOVE wedding talk :)
      I will look through my photos to see if I have any more that show off the space. Enjoy every second of wedding planning, Thanks for commenting.

  2. I absolutely loved seeing your photos on this blog post. Your handmade notes add such a wonderful, personal touch. Also collecting Oysters and giving them away as decorations! This is such a fantastic idea, and so suited to the season. What a fabulous post, and everybody's smiling faces show you what a wonderful wedding it was.


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