Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday Highfive

Happy Friday!!!
Here is a highfive!
What are y'all up to this weekend?  We are going to the CofC Homecoming Basketball game tomorrow night!  We have passes to the hospitality suite which I think is just as fun as the game ;)
We got a surpise in the mail this week.  
It's a framed photo of us from the Deb Ball back in December.
Ooh la la
Hey hey, look at my baby with the salt and pepper beard.  Isn't he smokin'? (har har)
This was at an Oyster Roast/Couples Shower last weekend.
Wacky Mac!  I found this in the foreign food section at BiLo.
It's like a random noodle shape bonanza!  
O. M. G. 
Who else is over the moon excited about Jurassic World coming out this summer.
Not only do I love the Jurassic Park franchise, but I love Chris Pratt.
I am so so excited to see him in a lead role, finally!

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