Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Life Lately (Humpity Hump!)

Lots happenin' around these parts lately...
I'm taking it back a couple weeks to Valentine's 
because I haven't done a catch-up since!
That Friday night my coworker and I grabbed a drink right around the corner from work at Craft Conundrum.  There was a launch party happening that night for Good and Evil Brewing.
We tried a sample of their jalapeno beer which was really good!
Disclaimer: I love spicy.
My sweetheart surprised me with the massage at Charleston Place that I mentioned in my V-day roundup.
I actually had to work on Valentine's (Saturday) so we had a true day of rest and relaxation on Sunday.  After our massages we took full advantage of access to the spa and enjoyed the hot-tub and steam room.
King Street view from the window:
My work trip was cancelled last week due to weather conditions so I was able to enjoy being a homebody.  This particular night we kept warm with smooth red wine and a roasted chicken:

And this brings us up to this past weekend!  
We celebrated my sister-in-law and her upcoming wedding with a Bachelorette weekend on Folly!!
View from the porch:
It was frrrrreeeezing Friday night but we turned up the heat, literally and figuratively,
 and parTAYed the night away ;)
Saturday we dragged our butts to Folly Gras where we fit in with the rest of the maniacs.
Note the bride-to-be's beautiful white mask!
Also to note, these photos were taken with a selfie stick.

Annnd just to kill a few more brain cells, we decided to hit the town Saturday night...
Thank you to Scotty with Green Taxi for getting us to and from safely,
and for making us laugh!
That about does it!
What have y'all been up to lately??

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