Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hushpuppy Love

For a few weeks now I've been craving some serious hushpuppy action. I'm shocked (SHOCKED I TELL YOU!) to see the lack of hushpuppy on menus in seafood restaraunts around town. All I can say is we must have a bunch of northern chefs up in this town because no southern soul knows seafood without hushpuppy. I've been mourning the loss of Charleston's best down home seafood spot for a few years now.

RIP Anchor Line

I can remember going to Anchor Line as a little Laura. The only drink options: sweet tea and pink lemonade. Every seafood plate=2 hushpuppies. I think I'm starting to cry.

Now, I've been over to The Wreck and while yummy, there is no comparison.

Ok, so back to my craving. I've been annoying K I'm sure with my latest fried seafood rants, but I put my foot down and we are heading to Fleet Landing this weekend. Fleet Landing has some damn good seafood, and on the menu "Stuffed Hushpuppies". Honestly, I just need my hushpuppy stuffed with cornmeal, but at this point I'll take what I can get!

As you can probably tell, I'm one of these girls who likes to pick what I'll be eating before I even get to the restaraunt. I leave the drink list as the mystery. I just get so excited about food!

1. What's your favorite seafood spot in Charleston?

2. Do you like to pick out you order before even getting there?

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  1. best seafood in town...Coast next to Rue de John. It's extra delicious. Plus, it is tucked away in a romantic brick alley lined with rich vegetation growing up the brick walls of the old buildings.

    As for picking the food vs. restaurant, food always wins and if I haven't been to the restaurant before (or say someone picked it for me)I have to look at the menu before hand to choose one or two options.


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