Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hot Hot Hot

Today's post is dedicated to the heat index.

A couple of things:
Last night I made chicken parm, one of my favorites. I really just dip a boneless, skinless breast in egg whites and then into a mix of panko and parm, for a light crunch on the outside. Then bake at 375' for around 25 min, until golden brown. I like to put a slice of mozzarella and some marinara on top of the breasts about 3-5 minutes before I take them out of the oven. I'll put this over pasta with marinara. Most often I pair this with a side salad, but I've also put chopped spinach in my marinara which is a great way to bring in something green. I'm a sucker for carbs of all kinds so I did make myself a single slice of garlic bread. It was worth it.
The most exciting part of the meal was that I used wagon wheel pasta! So cute :)

Oh and lastly, remember that ring I've been lusting over? Well I haven't bought it. BUT I did find a cute ring with both silver and gold metal this weekend with a smaller pricetag. What do you think??

I'm wearing one of my favorite summer work dresses today. Anyone remember when Isaac Mizrahi was head designer at Liz Claiborne?? My wardrobe does! I think I alone kept the line in business here in Charleston! Unfortunately I wasn't enough and now JCPenney has taken Liz into the ground.
Anyway, Happy Tuesday!

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