Monday, July 18, 2011

Wait, It's Monday?

Hi! This weekend flew by and I'm left in the dust. I went to the cinema on Friday for my teen flick escape only to discover that every movie theatre in Charleston had been taken over by Potter Mania. K and I did make it over to the Terrace after dinner at Mondo's on Saturday to see "The Tree of Life". This is not a great movie. It's not even good. But we stuck it out even though I was ready to leave after the dinosaur scene.

Saturday was spent car shopping as it's about time for K to get a new whip. While checking out some Acura's I spotted this beauty over in a side lot.

Ah! I love old volvos, especially white ones with tan leather. They are so chic! Too bad I'm not in the car market right now...knock on wood (knock knock).

Also, a beer reccomendation. K and I bought the Sam Adams Summer Styles 12 pack and this is my fave:

You like IPA's? Give this one a try!

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