Monday, August 1, 2011

Amen to that!

I'm having a rough morning and would like to rewind back to Friday night.
I posted about my Fleet Landing plans last week and wanted to follow up with that.
Sometimes I forget that my hometown is also a huge tourist attraction and I'm blown away by the number of people lined up outside of restaurants. That being said, I was in no mood to wait an hour to get a table and we decided to head elsewhere. K suggested 'Amen Street'. I had never been before and I can now say I'm glad we went! The best part of the meal was the fried calamari app (bacon corn succotash!) and also the decor.
Check out these oyster chandeliers.

I also really liked the historical memorabilia on the walls, things like old newspaper clippings and black and white photos of old Charleston.
We tried an IPA by a new local brewery.

Holy City Brewing. Very good!
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, now I've got to get to work...

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