Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Saturday Recap

This past Saturday was a great day, from start to finish.
I woke up to K carrying in a plate of homemade Eggs Benedict and orange-mango juice for breakfast in bed! Except I took it to the table as hollandaise sauce can be a little messy, for me at least. I eat like it's my first birthday party.

After my yummy breakfast I hopped back in bed for a snooze. Now, I should probably have prefaced my Saturday story with my Friday night story, as it became somewhat of a blur for me. Let me explain. Things started out mild enough, went for dinner at Opal, a new restaurant in Mt. P. K got the Flounder and I the Duck Ragu. Good food. Things took a turn when I ordered "Death in the Afternoon" at Club Havana for my night cap. This was a $12 drink and I was lit up like a lightbulb after forcing it down. I had to chase each sip with a swig of beer, that's how strong it was. My buzz led me downstairs into the Tinder Box where I bought a pack of Lucky Strikes and pretended to be in the trenches of World War I for the remainder of the night. Ok, so back to my Saturday snooze, yes I was a bit hungover.

Once I got up I made Pistachio Cake for a birthday dinner that night, and K and I headed over to the pool for about an hour (too hot), and then it was time to head to dinner.

K grilled yummy pork marinated in teriyaki and rosemary, and we had asparagus and scalloped potatoes, pistachio cake for dessert. After dinner we went to Blockbuster (aka ghost town) and rented The River Runs Through It. Ok, this is starting to ramble on...

All I want to say is how much I love my boyfriend and that I can't explain how special I felt when he gave me this, late Saturday night, for no occasion at all:

This was his grandmother's ring and it's the most wonderful gift I've ever recieved. It's dainty and beautiful and it makes me think of K everytime I look at it. I'm so in love.
Gag, I know.

So what's the best gift you've ever been given??

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  1. I am so very happy for you! :)

    (sorry about the emo-icons)--- But it's hard to tell you how excited I am for you with words.


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