Friday, July 22, 2011

Friends with Benefits

I've got some great friends y'all. And it's occurred to me that I have yet to mention these lovely ladies who have had such a hand in making me who I am. Allow me to introduce you to the girls in my life.

Kristina, Chelsea, and I at Trio last winter.
Highschool friends are the best!

Abby, my brother, and I jumping around at a show...

And chillin with Alfie.

Brittany and I at dinner before seeing Gaga (oooh lala) in Charlotte last September!

Anna and I at Toucan Reef back in college, drunk and lovey.
Does anyone else remember Toucan Reef?!?!

Beth and I (and Brittany) at IBG karaoke.
Beth is getting married next spring in St. Thomas!!

With my best friend! (Father K and Ariel on Halloween.)
Haha, doesn't he look so happy?!

High Five! Love you Chuck-e

TGIF Everyone!

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  1. Love the shout out, but when the hell did you go to Chuck E. Cheese without choo?


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