Monday, February 13, 2017

House Tour: Hall Bathroom

Good Monday Morning!
Today I am sharing some photos of our Hall Bathroom.
I wanted to mention that I have updated my Nursery Reveal with a "Before Photo" at the bottom.  I have also updated the link on my House Tour page.
So, away we go with the Hall Bath.  Sources listed below.  "Before Photos" at the very end.  This one has come a looooong way.
Here is a view of the Hallway from the kitchen island.  At the end is our Master suite, EB's nursery is the door at the far left.  
View from the door...This is where Baby Girl gets her bath every night.
I had initially planned to replace the mirror/medicine cabinet, but ended up keeping it because it looks clean and almost has a bit of a cottage vibe to it.  
Ok this is just for fun, as I am nosy and thought you may be, too.
Here's a glimpse into the closet.  The linens are stored at the top, towels at the bottom.  Eventually I will be clearing a shelf for EB. :)
Every update in this room is from either Estate Sales or Marshalls/ Homegoods.  Thus, no links. 
My my, it's hard for me to look at these now and see the diamond in the rough because, wow, it was rough. 
Ok, quick summary:  First off, I owe big thanks to my dad for helping in a major way with this room!  We painted, replaced the blinds, the towel rack, and the light fixture.  We reglazed the tub, and deep cleaned.  I kept everything clean and bright when shopping for accessories.  Very happy and proud of this room.

Next up will be our Dining Room!

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