Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday Highfive

FriYAY!  Here's a highfive for getting through the week!
Last week I had a much needed Girls Night Out.  We tried the new Cane Rhum Bar on East Bay Street and I was pleasantly surprised.  I expect to fall into a tourist trap anytime I try somewhere new downtown but the food was delicious (I had the tipsy chicken with the coconut rice) and reasonable.  The mojito was pricey and not worth it in my opinion (so much ice!), and I will stick to my wine if we go again.  
We are headed to an Oyster roast on Sullivan's tonight, and it is 80 degrees outside.
I picked up this fun jacket on the Belk Clearance rack a couple weeks ago with tonight in mind, but I suppose it will stay in the closet with the hopes that we will have at least ONE wintry day this year. Please Lord let me turn off my AC in February, I beg you!
Quick/Easy/TASTY meal alert.  I added a pound of shrimp and a couple tablespoons of our favorite teriyaki sauce and dinner was served.  I am putting this on the regular rotation going forward. These stir fry blends are frequently BOGO, we also love the pepper and onion mix, perfect with this chicken sausage.

Little lifeguard on duty!
I had to get creative on Monday when my aunt came over to help me chalk paint the dining room table.  EB did fairly well in this shady set up, but I still can't claim much painting was done on my part. Thank you Aunt Jerri for your help painting my table for me :)  I am going to try my hand at distressing and waxing it tomorrow.  

In other home news, we are finally getting to work on K's office.  This was the one room left untouched before baby girl's arrival and we just got the blinds up and the art on the wall this week.  I am grateful for the layout of this house giving K his own "man space" and I think it is looking great so far! 
I hope y'all have a great weekend!

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