Sunday, January 4, 2015

Ardoa: A Review

I'm sure I'm not alone in resolving to cut back...on food, on drink, on the money spent for either.
But...But! My sister in law introduced us to Ardoa over Christmas Vacation and so I'm going to review it.
I'll say, Save this spot for weekend "treat" once you feel like you've gotten back on track!

Ardoa is a "Serve Yourself" Wine Bar new to Seaside in Mount Pleasant.
Think Baystreet Biergarten, but for wine!
When you walk in, you'll be greeted by the sweetest owner, who, with her French husband, is introducing Self Pour Stations to Charleston!
You first purchase a reloadable card with which you will be able to purchase a taste (1 ounce), a half glass (around 2 ounces), or a whole glass (4ish ounces).
I'll be honest, my personal pour is around 6 ounces, so the glasses are small.  To put this into perspective, I get 4 glasses per bottle at home.  I believe Ardoa gets 6 or 7 glasses per bottle.
But the ambiance is great!
The chairs are so comfortable.  It smells delicious inside.  It's a fun spot!
They offer cheese and charcuterie.   Done and Done!
Ardoa is awesome, take it from me ;)

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