Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday Five

There really isn't a whole lot to report in these parts, this week has been boring in the best possible way.  We are having a Pig Pickin' at work today, and we're headed to Charleston Cup on Sunday!  
Otherwise all is calm, all is bright :)
An easy weeknight din:
My faaaaaavorite guilty pleasure:

We went to the Bay Street Biergarten last night to check out the scene.
The handstamp flashed me back to my visits to City Bar before turning 21, trying to wash off the X's in the bathroom. ;)
I didn't really know what the deal was when we walked in, so I'll give any of y'all who haven't been a rundown.  When you walk in you have the option to purchase a "Beer Card" at the hostess bench.  This card is used at any of the community taps located all around the restaurant.  There are ipads at each table where you can learn about each of the beers offered.  You put your card in whatever slot and then pour your own beers, until your card runs out! 
At first when we arrived we put our name on the list for a table and decided just to go to the bar for a beer, opting out of the beer card option.  I have to say I'm glad we did this because I watched several people throughout the night end up with a glass full of foam when pouring their own...and Lord knows I'm no bartender!  We took a seat at one of the communal tables in the bar area, and ended up staying there even when our table was ready.  I really wanted to stay amid the liveliness versus the more quiet tables in the back.  We had a sandwhich and left right when it was getting turned up a notch.  Talk about crowded!  I'm glad we checked it out but I still prefer Smokey Oak or Gene's for beer time!
And for today, Hello December glamour and warm coffee!
TGIF y'all!

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