Monday, January 26, 2015

Our Weekend

This weekend was relatively low key.  I worked until 7 pm on Friday and all I wanted was a burger and a beer on the couch.  We grabbed Smoky Oak and I fell asleep halfway through a recorded episode of Portlandia.
On Saturday I went to the gym and then decided to pop into Jimmy's Island Treasures, a thrift/antique shop off of Camp Road.   Is this not the strangest set up of the vintage Barbie kitchen?  
I browsed around for an hour or so but ultimately came out empty handed.

From there, me and Alfie went over to my parents to visit Cali, my mom's Christmas kitten.
They did okay together but aren't best friends like I'd hope.
Look at this precious angel:
Once home, I made the easiest hot dip for a dinner with friends.  

Sunday K and I volunteered at OLM's Annual Silent Auction.
This is the first year that we left empty handed.  My auction skills are rusty. 
 How was your weekend?

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