Tuesday, September 6, 2011


What a nice holiday weekend!  Fall, here we come!
Saturday was definitely our busiest day of the weekend and I'll recap it for ya.

I wanted to wear my favorite summery dress for the last time this year. 

blurry phone photo

We decided to stay close and visit the Charleston Museum.
Neither K nor I had been since we were very young and it was fun to see the museum with mature eyes. 
Highlights:  There was an old stone mile marker that was located on Mathis Ferry way back in the 1800's.  There is also a recreation of an old Charleston pharmacy with so many bottles like ours!
And there was a jewelry exhibition with some sweetgrass earrings that I fell in love with...

Some might say I have a mild sweetgrass obsession.

After this we went over to Whole Foods to grab some shish kebabs for the grill (I like the general tso's chicken) and beer. 

This beer deserves a background story.  About a year ago now we discovered Heavy Seas Loose Cannon.  We fell in love with it and would order it anytime we could find it on a menu (very few places in Chas).  Unfortunately the beer distributor that handles Loose Cannon sales was apparently flaky and thus Loose Cannon is no more.  If you ever see this on a menu, ORDER IT! and if you ever see it on a menu in Charleston, e-mail me and I will come join you STAT.  Anyway, after much research (hard work) we discovered that Mojo is the next best thing. 

From there we came home to relax before the game.  I whipped up a few "heart attack" apps and threw on a little team pride. We grilled up the kebabs, which K calls "Make Your Neighbors Jealous" kebabs.   They smell SO good.
Ah! Even more blurry

I was in bed pretty early after the game ended. 
Tell me about your weekend!

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