Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dream Girl

Dreams are so interesting and confusing!
I have three recurring dream sequences that I will share.  I will also give my own wacko analysis as well.
  1.  My teeth are falling out!  This sounds nastier than the actual dream is.  It's more just that I take a bite out of something and my teeth aren't strong enough and so they fall out. No pain or blood.                 
  2. I'm driving and my breaks/steering go out.  I'm out of control! And I can't figure out why!
  3. I lost my _____.  Car, keys, friend, most recently hot pink yacht (in my dreams. Ha!)
After writing all three I realize that the theme itself is also recurring.  These dreams clearly represent my feeling a lack of control in one or more aspects of my life.  This can apply to way too many areas, thus I don't think I can get specific in this general analysis.  I do recognize that these stress dreams definitely occur when I'm, well, stressed.
While these are my most common, they are not my favorite dreams. 
My favorite are when I'm at the waterpark with K but, no, wait, I'm on the magic schoolbus! with Alfie! Eating a corndog! And Oprah's there!

Everyone having a good morning?  Any crazy dreams last night?  Please share!

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