Thursday, September 8, 2011


Yesterday while Alfie and I were out enjoying the beautiful weather we stumbled upon a palm tree with blooming fruit!  This was my first time ever seeing the little orange bulbs and it was very interesting to me.  My initial thought was that they look like pumpkin babies (fall is on my brain).  And for some reason this made me think of my favorite blonde joke.

Q. What did the blonde say when she opened up a box of Cheerios?

A.  Oooh! Donut seeds!


This next thing I'm about to post may indicate I'm on a bus headed to crazytown, but it made me so happy!
It all started with me searching for polka dot pantyhose. (Did anyone else see them on Ann Curry this morning??  Adorable!)  Well, as any internet search goes, I went from polka dot hose to dresses to...

I am not engaged, nor am I in any rush to be, but this dress is a dream come true for me.  This is exactly, EXACTLY, what I would describe as my dream dress (well, perhaps a bit more of a sweetheart neckline)!  I'm in love.  And it's only around $9000.
Where do I send my check?  ;)

So what's on everyone's mind today? Can you tell I'm all over the place?

Happy Thursday!

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  1. Those berries are poisonous! CUTE dress- love! Hmmm I'm thinking about pumpkin spice mistos & what cookies to make this weekend


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