Thursday, September 1, 2011

Idle Hands...

Let's do something different this weekend!
K and I have lived in Charleston our whole lives and yet there are always new things to do!  But why, then, do we seem to do the same things over and over?  Well, it's because we love them!
But this weekend we are branching out, trying something out of our routine.
A couple of options:
1. The Charleston Museum

I haven't been to the Charleston museum since I was very young.  They have an exhibit going on of Civil War era clothing.  This sounds really neat!  We could also walk across the street and visit the Manigault house, which I LOVE!

2. Bee City: (Cottageville, SC)

Oh boy, They have llamas at Bee City.
Okay, So I'm going to reveal a little nugget about myself.  When I was young I went away to summer camp.  Not cheerleader camp, band camp, or bible camp. No.  I went to Llama camp.  It's called Love-a-Llama, located in the Pisgah mountains.  Basically we fed, cleaned, walked the llamas around.  They are very sweet animals, relatives of the camel.  I love these creatures!
But, depending on the weather we may want to stay indoors.

3. Carolina Ice Palace

Let's skate!  Haven't been here in years either.  And it's always a great laugh!

What would you do??


  1. Huh? I haven't deleted anything!

  2. haha oh my damn i forgot about llama camp. I just wanted to say I've been to bee city twice for field trips- pretty fun, but ive never really looked at it through an adult lens. lots of fun for 6 year olds!


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