Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Feminine Nightgowns

With the resurgence of feminine nightgowns (a la Lake, Hill House, etc.) I have rounded up a handful of my Amazon favorites.  These are budget friendly, and a great thought for Mother's Day around the corner.  There is nothing like slipping into soft pajamas once the kids are bathed and settled!
You just can not beat this price...and I love the sage green color.

This is a very sweet, classic look that reminds me of a children's nightgown- but in the best way.  This brand, oddly called 'The 1 for U', has a lot of pretty options.

This one looks so perfectly loose and comfortable.  I love the sleeve length also.


I'm out of time but when I can I will add links for anyone interested.  Otherwise searching "smocked nightgowns" on Amazon will yield many similar results.


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