Monday, June 17, 2019

Fathers Day, etc.

Hello out there, I hope y'all had a nice Father's Day weekend!  
We kicked ours off with a family spaghetti dinner.  I wanted to share this tip with y'all, which comes from my bff Chels' family recipe.  Basically once the noodles are cooked you put them in a dish and cover with cheddar cheese.  From there you cover with foil so the cheese melts, and then use a spatula to serve and top with your favorite meat sauce.  It's not really a recipe, but I think it turns boring ole spaghetti into something a little special.
Saturday was yard/house work and then K grilled out.  
On Sunday we had cinnamon rolls for breakfast before hitting the pool.
I feel like it's beyond words for me how much we appreciate and love K, as both a husband and father, but I really believe he is the best of the best.
  K, Thank you for your kindness, your genuine attention and interest in the mundane and difficult aspects of parenthood. For your steady presence, your strength and your sweetness.  You are my partner and my most important person.  It's truly a gift to have you to lead our family.  We love you SO much! xL
After nap we headed to my sister in law's for another family cookout.  I wanted to share a pic of this gift that EB made for my father in law.  He is very into bow ties and she hand painted this one for a truly custom look ;) 
 In other news... 
 I took EB to her first movie in the theatre last week.  We saw The Secret Life of Pets 2 and she did pretty good!  She made it nearly to the end but started asking to go play over and over, so we left.  Sidenote:  There are assigned seats at the movies now.  Say what???
I finally found my inspiration for MC's nursery.  Enter local artist Raven Roxanne, specifically her children's book "A Raven's Nest".  I hope to share photos soon but it's (eek!) still not finished.
EB has enjoyed helping me nest around the house but I know she's happy to be out at Summer Camp this week. 
Baby Watch continues...

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