Friday, August 5, 2016

Friday Highfive

Friday, how you doin'?  
I woke up early this morning so I could grab a special breakfast treat before work.
I am currently enjoying an egg and cheese croissant and an iced chai from Bull Street Gourmet.  Perfect start to my day.
Now, here's a highfive for getting through the week!

So let's see...
Sunday night I said to K, "We made it to August!" because it really felt like such a victory.  I am looking forward to the summer winding down, if for no other reason than to escape this record-breaking heat in Charleston.
July was a good, productive month.  We are slowly starting to feel more settled in our new place.  There are still many things left on the To Do List, but it's feeling more like home each day.
Today I thought I would share a few glimpses of recent additions around the house.
I picked up this cute welcome mat from Lowe's on one of our hundreds of recent trips there.  I think it really brightens up the front porch.  I am looking for a wreath to compliment the vibe.  I had an old wreath from the condo up for a week or so and we realized that a little family of finches had quickly made it their home.  So, saying that, I realize that a wreath may not be the way to go...But I want something to snazz it up.  I'm not a big fan of the monogram door decor thing, perhaps a decorative door knocker is all we need?  Love this one and this one, both by Michael Healy.
I purchased this figure painting from Teil Duncan's site.  I am planning to switch out the frame because I think that the white sort of washes everything out and I really want a bold statement.  I bought this because I want to introduce some more contemporary artwork into our home.  So much of what we have collected is traditional, Charleston-based art, this is a breath of fresh air for our entry way.  I also purchased two of her beach babe prints for our girl's nursery (which you can kind of see in the photos I shared here).
I am allll about this magnetic knife holder we picked up at Kitchen and Company a while back.  As you can see, we do not currently have any backsplash in our kitchen and so I'm looking for ways to functionally fill the blank space.  I am 75% certain we are pushing our granite purchase into 2017, so I'm in need of creative ideas to give the kitchen some style.

Ok so one funny thing about moving into a much bigger space, there has been so much confusion of what to call each room.  For instance, I consider the bathroom off of our main hallway to be the "main bath", while K calls it the "hall bath".  So every time we try to communicate about it, it takes each of us a minute or two to realize which room the other is talking about.  This is the same with our "den" aka "family room" aka "play room".  Anyway, here is a snap from our MAIN bathroom.  We re-glazed the tub which I have been taking full advantage of lately.  The room is completely white and I am going for a "spa" vibe with all of the decor.  Can't wait to show y'all the finished project!
I saved the best for last today, because I am so excited about these lamps y'all!
I have been searching and searching for lamps for our living room since we moved in back in June.  It has been an endless loop of Homegoods and TJmaxx visits.  Online, thrift stores, estate sales, furniture stores...way too much hunting devoted to lighting.   I was so close to giving up and just picking something that would work, but the waiting paid off and I found the lamps of my dreams.
I knew I wanted something boldly white, ceramic, with a white shade.
Our furniture (couches, tv stand, end tables) is all espresso brown and so I needed something large and vividly white to brighten up the space.  We found them at Ashley Home Store and they make such an impact in the room.  Success!
It is slowly coming along!
We have a fun weekend ahead...
I am SO excited for take out and the Olympics Opening Ceremony tonight!    
I hope y'all have a great one.

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