Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Humpity Hump, It's Wednesday!
Here are some random September happenings:
This little Ekeko, a Peruvian good luck charm, has served us well these past few weeks.  
Thank You for the fun gift,Tim! 
For whatever reason, I decided to take pictures of our dinners last week.
So, here you go:

Rigatoni with hot turkey sausage and vodka sauce...Topped with mozz and broiled for a minute to golden perfection.  I served this with a simple salad: romaine, tomatoes, and fresh cracked pepper.

BLT's on onion buns.  I actually put a few slices of deli chicken on mine as well.  We used the leftover salad from Monday for the "L".  I served these with homemade sweet potato fries and a blob of sriracha (obsessed!).
Baked tilapia with Uncle Ben's Broccoli Rice, green beans, and wheat rolls.   
My version of a meat and three.

Paisanos!  This is half "Flyin' Hawaian" half "Chicken Parmesan".  Paired with a cold Fat Tire, it's the perfect way to watch the USC game.
On Friday I spent a half day getting acclimated at my new job.   I'll be working downtown and I am so excited for lunch time walks in the neighborhood.
Saturday my mom and I spent allll day shopping.  By the time we got to TJMaxx I had become delirious because instead of leaving with new work clothes, I bought this, which I'll be returning.
Sunday I went down to Hilton Head for a little Girls Trip.  Unfortunately it was so dreary all day we didn't get to enjoy the pool or beach for long.  But, It cooled off perfectly for dinner on the deck at San Miguel's with my faves:
That about catches us up...How is your September going so far?

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