Thursday, September 24, 2015

King Street Strollin': O-ku Lunch

Last weekend we had errands to run and decided to make a day of it on King Street.
We wanted to have a lunch date, but nothing too heavy, to keep us light on our feet.
The answer: O-ku is now serving lunch!
We have been on several date nights to O-ku...the most memorable being either our 3rd or 4th date where I, a sushi novice, tried to bite a piece of sushi in half (don't try it, it crumbles) and took a big bite of wasabi (don't try that, either).  
Anyway!  O-ku Lunch.
We popped in around 12:30 and decided to enjoy a cocktail, because yay Saturday!
I ordered the 'Sugar and Spice' Martini and K had the 'Fig'get About It'.  
Both were delicious.
We ordered the edamame, which I think you can actually see the steam in this picture.  
Perfectly warm and salty.
And the O-ku Spring Roll.  How pretty is this dish?!  I love the orchid petal garnish.
The sesame dipping sauce in the center was so so good.
I almost asked for a spoon.  Almost.
We enjoyed the people watching almost as much as the food. 
Considering how busy it was out on the street, O-ku's peaceful ambiance was the perfect escape!
For lunch K ordered Salmon nigiri...
the Surf and Turf roll, and the Tuna Tataki roll.
I had the Bento Box with panko fried shrimp.  Each bento box comes with Spring Mix Salad , Crab and Avocado Sushi Roll, and Steamed Glass Noodles with veggies.  Considering the price and the size of the Bento box, you really can not beat it.  Plus, there is something about the tray that is reminiscent of childhood lunches and they're kinda cute.  Bento for the win!
From the picture above, I don't think that you can really see the scale of this lunch.  See below, and for reference I am not a tiny little woman.  This is a large box! 
 If it hadn't been so gorgeous out, I think we would have enjoyed sitting at the sushi bar in the back of the restaurant.  It's free entertainment!
After lunch, we hit the pavement and didn't feel stuffed or fatigued.
So, when you find yourself on King Street and you're looking for a delicious lunch that won't bog you down or require a nap, head to O-ku.  
And tell them Hominy Girl sent you!
Thank you to O-ku for inviting us to lunch!
We loved it and will definitely be back.

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