Thursday, September 11, 2014

My Bachelorette Weekend

 I am sharing Bachelorette photos today!  You ready?? I am going to go all out on this recap because I want to keep these memories forever, apologies if it seems overboard.

I chose Asheville, NC for my Bachelorette Destination because, first, I love the mountains, and second, the 4 hour drive is totally bearable and yet you feel so far away.
We used VRBO to choose our Mountain House and we chose the "Asheville Treehouse".
It was gorgeous!
We left Charleston around 11 on Friday morning. Biltmore or Bust!
We opted to wait until Asheville to do our grocery shopping.  In theory it made more sense but it was rough having to head back out once we arrived at the cabin and all just wanted to chill.
At the grocery store, Britt bought us all lottery tickets, and Laura's Lucky 7 was born.
Friday night we hung around waiting for the second car to arrive.  We explored the house and got settled while making burgers on the grill with homemade sweet potato fries and a big salad.
And then, hot tub time!

We ended the night with a fierce dance off that ended with Lauren and I 'making it rain' all over the kitchen.  This is all of the photographic evidence you'll get:
Saturday morning we enjoyed breakfast on the porch before heading out.
I had arranged a group Pure Barre class as a 'thank you for coming' treat for my girls.  I think I had some skeptics in the group but everyone seemed to really enjoy it.  Thanks to T for the 'PB Bride to Be' top I'm wearing.  And thanks to Kristina for the awesome sweat bands that totally make our outfits.  I love it all.
My ladies, minus Cydney, who was not adjusting well to the altitude:
This picture below had me in tears from laughing so hard. 
 Aren't we just the vision of poise and grace at the Barre?
It made me think of those memes that say "What I think I look like/What I actually look like"...
Pure Barre Asheville was very sweet to us and provided a champagne toast at the end of class.
And so it began...
If I can give you one recommendation in Asheville it would be this:
The lowdown: You bring your own beer to drink as you peddle around town with a crazy tour guide/DJ/driver entertaining you and everyone you pass by.  You make a couple stops at breweries along the way.
 Red Light Social!
We did not want it to end.
The whole ride lasts about an hour and a half at which point you exit the bike and return to the world of normal people.  We grabbed lunch downtown before heading back to the treehouse.
But not before I almost adopted a german shepherd rescue pup.
(Ladies, I am extremely grateful for your voices of reason during the hour I was convinced 'Rocky' would make the perfect souvenir.)
Saturday night's dinner was Shrimp Alfredo with Garlic Bread and Salad.
We were all in bed relatively early because Sunday was another exciting day!
Biltmore Baby!
We toured the house, and then it was time for our Wine tasting.
I think it's obvious from my glass, but our bartender was very liberal with the one ounce pours.
We made our way back right before my mom and aunt arrived for dinner and the "wine shower".  I feel like they arrived to a house full of crazies, but they jumped on board relatively quickly
Selfie Station!
 Pizza Prep!
We made a taco pizza, a margherita pizza, and a bbq chicken. Yum!
A rare Cydney sighting at the wine shower.
Cyd was not feeling well the whole weekend but she was a real trooper.
I loved the wine shower!  Each of my ladies brought a bottle of wine for K and I, and they all labeled when we should drink the bottle.
Carrie suggested we drink her bottle after one of us clogs the toilet.
Monday morning I got my flannel shirt photo, Thank you Pinterest, and then we were on our way.

Our car decided to grab lunch at Salsa's downtown before heading back to Charleston.
It was delicious and the perfect way to squeeze every ounce of fun out of the weekend.
Upon returning home, my matron of honor handed me a book filled with letters and funny barbie versions of all my ladies.  It was the cherry on top of an amazing weekend to sit at home and read the whole thing through.
If you didn't realize already, I had the best weekend of my life and I owe it all to the best friends in the world.  
I owe a huge Thank you to #LaurasLucky7 for making me feel so special and loved,
clearly I am the lucky one!


  1. Looks like so much fun! I went to Asheville for my bachelorette too!

    1. Isn't it the best?! I already want to go back and this time stay downtown.

  2. What a fun weekend you all had!! I am amazed to see these photographs. My friends and I are also planning a trip to NY. If we get over there in this week then we will host the bachelorette New York city party for a friend at the best bachelorette party venue.

  3. This sounds amazing! Do you know the name of the tree house you all rented?!

    1. Hey there, Here is the vrbo listing:
      Or you can google "The Asheville Treehouse" and it comes up as one of the first results. It was fantastic!

    2. Awesome! Thank you so much Laura!

  4. Where would you recommend eating in downtown Asheville? I'm throwing my sisters Bachelorette party this month!

    1. Hi there! I wouldn't consider myself an expert on the Asheville dining scene, but I have loved Tupelo Honey for breakfast, Wicked Weed Brewing for lunch, and Salsa's (my FAVE) for Mexican/Caribbean, very laid back. If you are able to, do the Pubcycle and Biltmore tours. These were both so fun for our group!

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