Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Asheville Weekend Recap

Hey hey,  I'm sharing pics from our weekend trip to Asheville today!
We got in town, with Alfie on board, a little before 5 pm on Friday.
We had plans on the 6 pm Pubcycle so we had to hustle back out the door to head downtown.
Note: We stayed with my Aunt Kelly and Uncle Ralph's in Clyde (about 20 miles outside of Asheville) for the weekend.
Once downtown, we hopped on the Amazing Pubcycle for the 45 minute tour option that doesn't drop you off anywhere, it's just a scenic ride around town.  Comparing this with the time I went on my Bachelorette party, I would recommend the longer tour because it's just more of an experience.
Regardless, it was a good time.  Here's our fun group after the fact:

We walked around Asheville, taking in the many street performers and whatnot.
My mom and dad had been excited to return to the infamous Friday Night Drum Circle in Pritchard Park.  I was expecting a somewhat Rastafarian experience but it was nothing like that...
People watching GOLD, I tell you.
The coolest thing we saw, this guy.  He did not move from this position.
How is this even physically possible??  Our best guess was that he had some sort of leg braces on that allowed him to stay upright.  
For dinner we ended up at Ghan Shan Station.
My favorite thing we tried were the dumplings. AMAZING.
Least favorite thing we tried, blood sausage (charcuterie). No No No.
We called it a night early, because Saturday was THE day...
 the day we took the Nantahala River by storm!
It's been years since K or I had rafted and I had forgotten how much fun it is.
I felt like my cheeks were hurting from smiling and/or laughing the whole time.
Afterwards we got cleaned up and headed into Bryson City for a much needed beer.
We ended up at Nantahala Brewing, the same place K and I visited nearly 4 years ago on our first trip together.   Let me tell you, nothing in Bryson City has changed a bit and it was really fun to think about our trip and how much we've changed since then. 
After a couple beers, we headed back home and took a walk around the neighborhood.
Alfie and I spotted this photo-op...
 We made sure to stop on our way out of town Sunday to capture this moment:
We were home by mid Sunday afternoon and were able to relax and later watch the new Naked and Afraid XL.  After our mountain adventure, K and I are thinking of applying...
How was your weekend?

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