Friday, April 4, 2014

Wedding Details: Music

While I absolutely love live music, I've never been such a fan at weddings.
I am all about some DJ requests and then hearing the song exactly as I remember it.
I look so forward to dancing the night away with my guests this November!
A coworker of mine who used to work in the Wedding Industry reccomended that I look into Jay Maxwell.
After visiting his website I was so thrilled with the reviews, and even more so the prices.
I also loved that shortly after requesting more information on his site, I recieved a package in the mail.
It included several sheets titled "Wedding Reception Flow Sheet".  I am thrilled that, not only will the DJ be keeping the dance floor popping, he will be moving the reception along (garter toss, cake cutting).
This is especially helpful because I am not formally hiring a Day of Coordinator!
I've been carrying around this little notebook jotting down all of the songs I'd love to hear!
Now for my questions to you:
1. Do you prefer bands or DJs at weddings?
2. What's the most fun song to get people on the dance floor!?

Oh and TGIF!!!
I am ready to have some fun, and avoid anything and everything Bridge Run related.

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