Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Last NYE as a LeaMond + Honeymoon Thoughts

This Holiday season I have really treasured the notion that it is my last as a LeaMond.
I can't wait to be LLN, but I will miss being LTL.
Anyway, for the second year in a row now I just could not care less about what's going on for New Years Eve.
My happiest place on Earth, where I wish to spend every years' ending and beginning, is at home with my babes.
Despite my general outgoing nature, I prefer time at home to social situations on most days, and tonight is no exception.
K recieved a Gift Certificate to Ted's Butcherblock for Christmas so he is picking up something special for the grill.

I bought this fun headband that I'm wearing just for kicks.

It's sure to be a wild time!
Ok so now onto some Honeymoon thoughts,
which sounds little more exciting I must admit ;)
We have been doing some preliminary thinking about it.  I know that K is going to do most of the major planning for this,  but I love looking at Vacation packages so I had to share! We have discussed taking a small trip immediatly following our wedding (NYC!) and then waiting until late December for the actual "big trip" (K's slowest time at work).  

For the Honeymoon, here is what we know we want:
All Inclusive
Couples Only
Boutique (not Sandles, Beaches, etc)
So far we've found two possible resorts. 
We still have so many other places to look, but here's a start!

Mango Bay, Barbados
I first heard of this place on Wheel of Fortune, it was one of the Vacation giveaways.  I thought it looked so nice!  The Trip Advisor Reviews are generally good.  My concerns lie with it's proximity to town.  I am worried about needlessly spending money on "local flavor", and also familiarizing myself with safety precautions, etc. 
I could really get used to a view like this: 
Coco Bay, Antigua
 This resort deems itself "the most Romantic", which sounds great.  It is secluded, away from any towns or villages.  I also love the plunge pool option! 

So far either one looks like a dream come true!
Anyone have any feedback?


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