Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Brief Brunch Review

A couple Sundays ago K and I met up with my family for brunch near our home on James Island.
K has a joke that James Island is where restaurants go to die, and I have to admit it's sort of true.
While there are a handful of favorites near us, mine being Mondo's, Zia, and Smoky Oak, there are also "ghost of restaurants past" all around the island. 
There isn't much in the name of bars either, but we stop by O'Brien's in the Publix shopping center from time to time for a cold beer.  Recently I noticed a sign advertising $2.00 glasses of wine at a restaurant right next to O'briens called Salty Waters.  We went in for a couple glasses and ended up chatting with the bartender, who shared his recommendation for their brunch. 
So, we ended up going back and the brunch was fantastic!  Mimosa's are only $2.00!  I am also one who judges a Brunch based on grits (because you can really tell when grits are cooked in milk versus water, and this is really important to me).  Delicious grits.  We all loved our meals.  There was no wait time (ahem, Triangle and Toast) and bottom line: the food really was fantastic. 
So, go and get you some!
Empty plates all around!  Sorry I forgot to get pictures of the actual food...I blame the mimosas.
Ok I have to scoot,
I'm baking cookies all afternoon for my 5th Annual Cookie Decorating night with my girl Abby.
toodles :)

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