Monday, August 5, 2013

Oh Snaps!

With exception to tonight, it's been hot as blazes here y'all.  We are in the dog days right now!  So with that said, we've been spending most our time lately just taking it easy. 
Here are a few shots I've captured along the way:
Home-made pizza night, a cookie sheet works just as well as pizza pan!  Tip if you like Hawaiian: Use bbq as your base (over marinara). YUM!
Kiawah's Music on the Green was packed!  We got there right at 6:30 and it was already full. 
It's a good thing they block off the streets. 
Oh, Just a cute strawberry print I saw:
Boys will be boys:
Hello, lover:
Casual is the only option in this weather, so here you go:
Shrump!  I have a great recipe suggestion coming up later this week!
Oh my word, my sweet furry child was not feeling the heat at Saturday's Farmer's Market. 
So we took it inside, where we spent the majority of our Sunday.
How are y'all keeping cool?
Do tell!

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