Thursday, August 22, 2013

Not Hotlanta

I had a nice little work escape from the daily grind last week when I traveled up to Atlanta for some training. Lexus Southern Area is headquartered there, so this is a trip I've made before.
And, hence the title of this post, it was COLD in Atlanta.  I'm talking record lows!  Thursday's high was 64, y'all.  And it was great except for my lack of appropriate wardrobe options. 
I guess I should say that I hate driving on the Interstate and it gives me major anxiety, but I was given a 2013 ES to take and wow, what a dream! The safety features were very reassuring and it was, of course, a luxurious drive.
I stayed at the Marriott Gateway and it was a gorgeous hotel.  It was especially nice because the training was held here as well.  It had a great, deep tub and I enjoyed a bubble bath all three nights I was there. 
 And a comfy bed all for meeeeeee :)
I swear I could gain 10 lbs on each of these work trips with all the food they offer.  I really try to stay focused on my health and avoid mindless eating.  I prefer to indulge myself when I am with loved ones, in a happy place, not sitting in a conference room trying to stay awake!
There are definitely ways to stay on track while traveling:  

On the last day of my trip, I went to one of our sister stores in Duluth.  They had a sweet lady who brought flowers into the dealership weekly.  She also sold roses to anyone who was interested in buying some for home.  I think we should start this at our store. 

I also did some shopping (I'll share some of my scores as I wear them.) and followed a restaurant rec to The Brakepad.  This was a really cool restaurant and reminded me of Fuel a bit, it had the large garage doors that made it open-air (perfect on a Fallish night!).

I had a nasty drive home on Friday, the roads were a mess, 
but it was Friday, hey hey!
I was wrong to hope that the cold front might come our way, it's been a humid hell out there this week.
 I'm happy to be home and oh look, tomorrow is Friday again!
Woop woop, what's happenin y'all?

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