Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tuesday Talk...

Hello there!
 This weekend was one of those weekends where you end up more exhausted at the end than when it started.  But regardless, we had a blast.  I also must note that between K and I, we broke 3 chairs this weekend.  2 beach chairs and one patio.  That's all I'll say about it but really????

Revlon "Flirt". Love this color!!
 This morning at the gym a woman told me she loved my blouse (above) and that I always dress so nice.
This has totally made my day already.  Thanks nice lady :)
 There's a possibility we'll be attending the Battery game Saturday night, Lexus is going to have a couple cars on display.  This would be my first battery game (Charleston native I swear!). 
Sidebar: Is it crazy that I'm already planning the weekend (Tell me you're like this too!)
 I think we'll end up seeing World War Z this weekend also.  I'm not really all about zombies but these are speedy zombies and it looks kinda cool.  Whatever, it's a movie K and I somewhat agree on so I'm in.
Also, thanks Megan for sharing the Tease Dry Bar Living Social Voucher!
I've made it my goal to read all of Nicholas Spark's books this summer.  I just finished Safe Haven (read in a day in a half), these books are such easy reads.
Now I want to watch the movie!
Happy Tuesday!
P.S. Holy Thunderstorm this morning, the most perfect sound while cozy in bed.

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