Monday, June 10, 2013

cute suit & more.

I picked up this little cutie at Forever 21 Saturday after lunch downtown.
And wow, downtown was a madhouse. 
And really, Charleston as a whole has become unrecognizable to me! 
A couple of years ago I really started to fall into the tourist trap downtown, trying out the new bars and restaurants that seemed to pop up every other week.  I started to realize how much my city, my hometown does not belong to me anymore.  We are a destination, a "hot spot", maybe even the hottest in the entire world????  And I don't want to live in the greatest city of them all, I want to live where my family made a home generations ago.  Whenever I get upset about this extreme growth, the loss of the Charleston of my childhood, K always reminds me that it's not worth complaining over...that it's like being mad that the sun comes up.  Charleston is crowded. Deal with it.  But I can feel it changing and growing on a daily basis these days.  It's getting nuts out there!
And while I'm on the subject of getting upset about things that I can not control...let me mention that this is something I struggle with.  I've touched on this before, but sometimes it's hard for me to remain calm and relaxed. I get worked up over little things and I hate that!  I spent some time this weekend reading my favorite book that I will recommend to you now:  Most of All They Taught Me Happiness, by Robert Muller.

The final passage goes as follows:

Decide to be happy
render others happy
proclaim your joy
love passionately your miraculous life
do not listen to promises
do not wait for a better world
be grateful for every moment of life
switch on and keep on
the positive buttons
in yourself, those marked optimism,
serenity, confidence,
positive thinking, love
pray and thank God every day
meditate - smile - laugh
whistle - sing - dance
look with fascination at everything
fill your lungs and heart with liberty
be yourself fully and immensely
act like a King or Queen unto Death
feel God in your body, mind,
heart, and soul
and be convinced of eternal life
and resurrection.

I really love the notion of "switching on buttons" of positivity.  It's so easy for me to feel like the victim, but my happiness is my choice.  If you're interested in this sort of subject you will love this book!
Speaking of books, I've decided to purchase this:

I enjoy hearing K's opinions on different topics so much, but sometimes I don't have any good questions, outside of natural conversation. 
K is a quiet person by nature, and very intelligent, and I so much enjoy hearing his thoughts.
Yesterday this gem:
K: Alfie, you're just like a horse.
L: Huh?
K: He likes to lean into me, just like horses lean in.
L: Oh, ok.
I think this book will help me learn even more of the facts and ideas in his head!
Oh, and one more thing....
this gelato is great, full of actual pistachios.
Smooth, yet crunchy :)

Happy Monday!

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