Thursday, May 17, 2012

Let's Go!

For the past two weeks, each morning I have atleast a ten minute period where I seriously consider packing K and I's bags and hitting the road, to just head outta town!  I've got some serious wanderlust happening right now.  I talk myself out of it each morning but I have managed to plan a few small trips for this year.  We are saving up for our Big California Adventure, and then ultimately our dream of living overseas for month or so before we start a family.  But again, lately I've been super "Sieze the Day!  Who needs savings?? Let's go go go!"
To keep me from jumping out of my skin, I'm focused on our upcoming mini-getaways.
In August we are visting friends in ATL for some Braves game fun and a Sweetwater Brewery Tour.  Does anyone have any recs for a boutique hotel in Midtown, with a cool bar and within walking distance to restaraunts?
Early September we are taking a Staycation at a beach house on Folly for a week.  I'm really looking forward to wine and dinner al fresco and falling asleep to the sound of waves.
And then finally, in December I will make my return (wow has it really been almost 2 years!?) to Manhattan to show my man why I love it so.  He's never been!
I am one of those gals that always likes to be planning something, what's on your horizon?


  1. Laura, I stayed at the Artmore Hotel in Midtown a couple of months ago. It was great! A smaller, boutique hotel and was such a bargain. It's right across from the Art Musuem and a Marta station so getting everywhere was super easy!

  2. Awesome! I am definitely looking into this. Thanks for the suggestion :)


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