Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Weekend

This weekend was HOT.  I've spent a little bit of time at the pool or beach each day since Friday, and I love it.  My work schedule is so flexible it allows me to work on my tan like I did in highschool (with sunscreen of course).  Anyway, Friday night I ventured out for dinner with my mom, and then drinks with Britt, which unfortunately I did not capture on film.  Mom and I chose California Dreaming for dinner and what a wake up call, it's graduation season!
It's also wedding season, which brings me to the main focus of our weekend, my friend Cyd's wedding.  It was out in Hollywood on her family's land and it was beautiful!
We were sweating!

cinco de mayo fun

she was stunning, y'all

Cydney was straight out of a magazine, and Brett looked like the happiest man on Earth.
I'm ready for another weekend!  Bring it on!

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