Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend started early Friday afternoon and didn't end until late last night.  My girl Carrie had Ladies Night at her house Friday night.  I baked black bottom cupcakes to bring along.  Have you ever had these?  They are fudgy cupcakes with a cream cheese/choc chip layer on top.  I recommend them as they travel well, no messy icing.
Saturday we hit the beach in the morning.  We left our house before 11:00 a.m. and still hit traffic!  I should have known when there was a sub line at Publix at 9.  Busy day!  We left around 3 to head home and get ready for a going away party at DIG in Park Circle.   I love this quaint area of North Charleston.  There was a nice outdoor patio...

 We left Dig and met my friend Britt downtown to check out her man's band at "The Big Gun" on Calhoun Street, next to Club Trio.  When we arrived Trio was empty and silent, when we left the line wrapped around the corner and the place was literally bumpin'! 
 Saturday did not turn out as planned, no taking the boat to Capers Island for the day.  We ended up at the pool and then over to Water's Edge on Shem for a cold glass of wine.  I think this might be my favorite bar on Shem Creek.
 Sunday was a lazy day, with a late lunch and great view at the Upper Deck at Morgan Creek Grille.
 And chicken on the grill with sweet corn on the cob!

Mmm mmm mmm...

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  1. oh gosh, that last picture!!! that food looks scrumptious!
    xo TJ


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