Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tailgating Part 1

I went to College of Charleston, which I don't regret for one moment, however there were not many (a.k.a any) tailgating opportunities. This is probably the one complaint I have about the College but at the same time, I loved that it was not a school centered around football. I loved that CofC wasn't a ghost-town on non-gameday weekends. And that I didn't have to hear team chanting in every bar/restaurant that I went to (I like to hear myself think!). I love that it's the oldest college in the state!

That being said, I'm a southern lady and I like to entertain, in a major way! What's more fun than a party at my house? A party at my car of course!

(Fun story: All through college, on Halloween, my friend Anna and I would dec my car out in Halloween stuff. I'm talking spiderwebs, streamers, witches, ghosts, you name it. Anyway we made my SUV the "Haunted Car" and we would ride through campus at the mid-day class change blasting "The Monster Mash". I like to be silly, can you tell?)

Anyway, back to my point. Let's tailgate!

I love going to football games (or baseball) and tailgating before we go to the game!

Here are my tailgate essentials:

We're still ironing out the dates we'll head to Columbia, So I'll save more details (and my menu) for Part 2!


  1. Hi Laura! I'm pretty sure we went to the same church growing up.. or Girl Scouts? Not sure, but I do know you! I'm from James Island too and blog from foryoubylove.blogspot.com.

    I found you via a list of local blogs and would love to have you join my Local Link-Up Party that I am hosting! Please come join in if you get a chance: http://foryoubylove.blogspot.com/2011/08/locals-link-up.html

    Also, how can I follow your blog?

  2. i'm getting abnormally excited for football season!! i'd totally come to a party in your car :)


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