Friday, August 5, 2011

Charleston is smaller than you think!

My dad grew up on Sullivan's Island. (They were the first house to have a color tv on the island!!)
My mom grew up in Augusta until 6th grade, and then moved to Riverland Terrace on James Island. My parents met at the Windjammer on IOP in the early 80's.

My family's first house was in Avondale, in West Ashley. My dad used to have "Guys Night" at Gene's every Tuesday for shuffleboard and beer. I was always so fascinated with this mystery place with such a cool name. Fast forward to me, out of college and the bulk of the downtown bar scene, Gene's became (and still is) my favorite bar.

One night, many moons ago, I strolled into Gene's for "one last beer" after watching a friend's band play at the Tin Roof. I sat myself down at the bar next to a handsome man. I ordered my standard Miller Lite and turned and asked this man " What kind of beer are you drinking?"... The rest is history.
But it really is! Family history I mean! Soon after meeting K I mentioned my last name. He recognized the name because... His dad worked for my grandfather's civil engineering company "Sigma Engineering" when he got out of college!
Soon after I met his parents I was flipping through his mom's yearbooks, and whoa! There's my dad, my uncles! Little LeaMond boys!
It's made our relationship that much more interesting, such small degrees of separation between our families.
Charleston's a big place, but the connections make it feel small.

Any strange coincidences in your relationships??
Any favorite Charleston bars?


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  1. I never knew that you and K had such close cosmic connections. Y'all are too cute! Fave bar-Moe's Crosstown or Downtown :)


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