Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Summer Somethings

Week 2 of Summer Vacation, Here we go!
We made a poster with our game plan/schedule which has been working pretty well so far.  I definitely find myself feeling overwhelmed at times, but putting some systems into place is helping us find our groove. Also, a well-stocked snack bin.  
These adorable plates are heavy duty plastic and perfect for our summer cookouts.
The prettiest cover-up:
And then this cute sarong, or currently "pareo":
I realized that the majority of my swimsuits are older than my second child, so this year I decided to grab a few new ones.  This is probably my favorite, which I found online at JCPenney.  It's hard to find one pieces that aren't matronly and I think this one is very "on trend" if you will.
I don't think this would fall under the category of "Beach Read", but I'll go ahead and call it a "Summer Thriller".  Enjoyed it...  
Oh!  And just a reminder if you have little ones...Don't forget to start Summer Reading.  The girls picked up some prizes yesterday and they're great this year:  Riverdogs tickets, Aquarium pass, Putt-putt.  Instilling a love of reading is a top parenting goal for me, and special rewards definitely help!
I can't believe my little one is turning 2 this month!  I'm sending invitations out this week.  I think these are so cute and can't beat the price!  
That's Summer, so far.
Off to EB's first ballet class!!

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