Tuesday, June 22, 2021


 The girls were both at Summer Camp last week so I had a nice break.

I spent one morning at the beach and another at the pool *BY MYSELF*.

Two books that I was able to finish and enjoyed:

Got started lime-washing our stone... 
Spent one morning thrifting...
I also went to the Once Upon A Child Summer Clearance event.  They hold this every year and it's an extra 50% off Spring/Summer.  Considering everything is already priced so low, it's an awesome opportunity to find some nice things.  I thought about doing a separate post on my secondhand shopping tips, but for now here's my approach.
1. Know the fine print.  Typically there are tag colors that are off limits.  Certain categories that are excluded from the sale... Make sure to know the rules so that you don't end up at the register only to find out several things you picked are full price.
2. Think ahead.  Right now my girls are 2t and 4/5t...so those are the first sections I shop.  I will also skim through 3t and 6t, thinking ahead to next year.   I'm looking for *special pieces*.  
3. Stretch the season.  What I mean is that, considering Charleston really doesn't have a true winter, you can get creative and look for items that could translate as "holiday".  See below.  Each of these dresses was included in the Summer sale, but I bought them for the girls to wear at Christmas this year.   And they were under $5 each.
4.  Go without your kids, so that you can really look.

 I get such a thrill out of being frugal and finding unique things.  Still trying to figure out how to make a career out of this ;)
Father's Day=Hometeam.
Parenting is hard work, and finding humor in the chaos is crucial.
Thanks for laughing with me, K.
Love you so much.
That's what's been going on!

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