Wednesday, July 7, 2021

MB is TWO!

Our little MB turned 2 at the end of June, and her party made quite the splash!
I got to the park early to decorate and set up the food/drinks.  After I had everything looking so cute, it started pouring down rain, drenching everything beyond recovery.  We loaded the car back up and tried to make a game plan considering guests were starting to arrive.  We ultimately decided to wait it out, huddled under our trunk hood.  Summer storms can pass so quickly and luckily that's what happened.  
The sun came out and we hit the Splash Pad!

It was definitely a party I will always remember!
At 2 years old, MB loves to dance, has very strong opinions, always sticks her tongue out when saying "Cheese" for a picture, insists she sleep with her favorite books in her crib, is very passionate about pointing out planes, and follows big sister everywhere.  She is such a special, fun loving girl that makes me laugh so much.   She also just quit napping so now we can have even MORE fun together...Can't imagine life without this baby!

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