Wednesday, February 6, 2019

5 Things I *plan* to do different with #2

Well, you know what they say about best laid plans...but I figure I'll still post some of my thoughts on the things I think I'll do differently second time around!
Now that we've reached the halfway mark, I'm feeling the urge to get organized and prepared.
Here is a 20 week bump shot:
Prioritize Self Care  
I am listing this as #1 because I truly think it is SO important.  Newborn days are H A R D.  If I'm not taking care of myself, there is absolutely no way I can take care of a baby (and a toddler).  Self care means to me: Making sure I'm eating enough and eating things that make me feel good AND make me happy.  Resting/Sleeping as much as possible.  Making sure I get fresh air and spend time in the sun.  Making sure I maintain a certain level of cleanliness and order in my home.  Beyond that, it's indulging in nice shampoos and body washes in the shower-because those first few weeks, it's going to be my ONLY alone time.  It's taking 15 minutes to get myself ready for the day so I feel GOOD about myself.  It is very easy, and honestly inevitable, to be run down those first couple of months... I am determined to prioritize self care, so I can be a better mom to my two kids.

Keep it Convenient
I'm stocking up on Paper plates, cups, cutlery.  Anything and everything I can do to simplify.  I also foresee EB spending a lot of time in her birthday suit in the backyard on late summer afternoons-  less clothes to wash.  I'm not one of those *dishes can wait* people...Mess=Stress to me.  SO I am going to make things as easy as possible.  Do you have any tips??
I once read a blogger describe how, in the newborn days, she kept a mini fridge and bottle warmer bedside, to make things easier for night time feedings.  I remember, pre-baby, thinking that sounded crazy/lazy.  Now?  YOU GO GIRL!  While I won't be doing that exactly, it's the sort of thing I'm looking at... ways to make things as easy as possible...WITHOUT compromising anything for my kids (if that needs to be noted).

I didn't supplement formula with EB until she was 4 months old.  I was, and still am, happy to have given her breast milk for as long as I did, BUT...
Breastfeeding did not come easily to me and, even with pumping, I never had a surplus.  Now, this go around may be completely different and I will take it as it comes, BUT...
I *plan* to immediately supplement with formula, like on night one at home.  I KNOW that those first few days I'll need to build my supply, etc. etc. etc but I'm simply not going to put that pressure on myself to be the only source of survival for my child.  I will have a toddler to contend with and I'm not going to stress more than I have to.  I really do hope to breastfeed baby number 2 until at least 3 months.  But the all or nothing approach just ain't gonna happen as I will have to divide my attention this go around.  Note: We plan to supplement with Gerber Soothe, which we used with EB at 4 months.  It has the probiotics in the formula, which I love.  With breastmilk, we would add Gerber probiotic drops, so this eliminates that step. Once the baby begins to eat solids we will probably switch to the Kirkland brand formula, which is identical ingredient-wise to Similac...only HALF the price.
Oh! and one tip that I found extremely helpful once we switched to formula:  Pre-make all of your bottles for the day and store in the fridge.  I think so many people read the instructions on formula packaging that "baby must drink bottle within an hour of preparing."  If you read the label in it's entirety, you'll see that you CAN store prepared formula for up to 24 hours in the fridge.  This was a sanity saver for me!

Sleeping Arrangements
Last go around we had the bassinet next to our bed for 6 weeks.  K slept in the guest room often during this time, as he had no paternity leave.  This go around, the guest room will be EB's new big girl room.  So we are going to get a loveseat sleeper for K's office, to be a makeshift place for him to sleep on hairy nights.  We are also planning to move the baby into their crib sooner than 6 weeks.  I don't really have a time frame in mind but I'll just say that as soon as EB was in her own room, everything seemed to go smoother.  I'd like to start that sooner this time.

Things I'll do again...
Have a professional cleaning done on the house before baby arrives
Frozen Meal Prep
Mani/Pedi the week before due date
Hang on for the ride!


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