Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Our Weekend

This was definitely one of those "good to the last drop" sort of weekends.  
On Friday night we did take out, per usual.  East Bay Deli this week, my fave!
I watched this creepy documentary.  I totally recommend if you're into True Crime.
 On Saturday I went on a run with my girl, and then we met up with Aunt T for some Frothy Beard action.
 K slow smoked baby back ribs for dinner.  AWESOME.  Seriously best I've ever tasted.  This is before he smothered them in more bbq sauce.  YUM.  I served with grilled corn and "kicked up black beans" (beans simmered with onion and bell pepper).  
Sunday was church followed by a quick brunch at Rue de Jean.
Home for a bit and then a late afternoon pool trip.


 We had leftovers for dinner, fought over the last rib!
I hope your weekend was great.

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  1. Mommy Dead and Dearest oh my goodness!! So heartbreaking and yet I couldn't look away. Miss you! Great pics!!


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